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101Camera Basics What's in the box, cords, CDs, etc. Compares different types and styles of cameras, batteries, memory cards. Camera safety and care.
103Drive Modes Single-shot, Continuous, Self Timer and Bracketing modes.
105Image Quality - Beginners What are pixels and resolution, setting your camera's resolution and quality settings.
205 Image Quality - Intermediate RAW format explained.
305 Image Quality - Advanced Camera pixels vs printing pixels (PPI vs DPI). What is interpolation?
107Focus- Beginners The three main focus modes: One-Shot, Ai-servo (Continous), Ai-focus (Automatic), also covered is face detect, smile detect, wink detect, etc.
207Focus- Intermediate Proper use of focus points: controlling precisely where and what is in focus.
109Working with Files Transferring pictures to the computer. Using the touch up menu. Organizing your pictures on your computer in My Pictures. Burning to CD, emailing pictures, etc.
111Menus and Buttons An overview of the menus and buttons on your camera and how to access them. Using the shutter release and understanding shutter lag. How to use the Function menus, Quick access menus, one touch buttons, etc.
113Scenes and Modes Understand what happens when you use scenes and modes presets such as portrait, sports, landscape, etc.
115 Camera Setup Understanding the options in the setup menu such as date stamp, display brightness, format, file numbering, etc.
117 Playback Menu Understanding the options in your playback menu such as resizing, printing, slide show, rotate, etc.
120ISO - Beginners What is ISO, how to set it on your camera, what are it's effects on your photographs. Digital noise explained.
220ISO - Intermediate Controlling ISO and ISO noise
222Metering - Intermediate Learn how and when to use the common metering modes: Center weighted, Partial, Spot, Evaluative
225Exposure - Intermediate Reflected light explained. Metering light properly. Using Exposure Compensation. Understanding shutter speed and aperture and depth of field.
325Exposure - Advanced Using gray cards and levels cards. Low light photography.
226Histogram How to use the Histogram on your camera to check for proper exposure.
127White Balance - Beginners Understanding white balance automatic presets such as incandescent, sunny, cloudy, shade, fluorescent, etc.
227White Balance - Intermediate Understanding the Kelvin color temperature scale. Using White balance shift and bracketing. White unbalance - when light isn't supposed to be white like during sunsets.
327White Balance - Advanced Setting Custom White Balance. Working with mixed lighting with different color temperatures such as a moon lit building with an incandescent porch light.
129Flash - Beginners Using the built in camera flash, discovering it's limits. Understand the four basic flash modes: fill flash, red-eye, slow-sync and using your camera without a flash. 1/60th of a second rule.
229Flash - Intermediate Understanding flash sync speeds for both slow sync use and high shutter speed syncing. Flash Compensation, balancing flash with ambient light.
329Flash - Advanced Understanding curtains, first(front) and second(rear) curtain flash. Using high speed bounce flashes. Discover their high speed sync and remote options.
230Lighting A quick lesson in studio lighting.
132Lenses - Beginners Understanding focal length and zoom: digital vs optical
232Lenses - Intermediate Image stabilization and filters
332Lenses - Advanced Lens speed and bokeh, controlling the shape of out-of-focus points of light. A talk about lens quality including diffraction and chromatic aberrations. Sweet spots, etc.
333 Custom Settings Understand your camera's custom settings
235Picture Styles Controlling sharpness, color saturation, contrast and brightness. Also covered is Active D-Ligting
338 Photo Techniques
140 Photo Tips - Beginners
240 Photo Tips - Intermediate
342Dynamic Range High Dynamic Range (HDR)
344 EXIF Data
380Composition Picture composition including basic rules such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, geometric shapes, S curves and natural framing. Also more advanced topics are discussed such as the golden mean and balancing objects in your photographs. Color balance and the use of empty space.
382 Gama
199 Home Challenges
Beginnerís Class
Day 1101 Camera Basics
Day 2111 Menus and Buttons
113 Scenes and Modes
103 Drive Modes
Day 3
107 Focus
120 ISO
127 White Balance
129 Flash
Day 4
109 Working with Files
140 Photo Tips
132 Lenses
105 Image Quality
Intermediate Class
Day 1103 Drive Modes
205 Image Quality
220 ISO
207 Focus
Day 2222 Metering
226 Histogram
235 Picture Styles
227 White Balance
Day 3
225 Exposure
Day 4229 Flash
230 Lighting
232 Lenses
240 Photo Tips
Advanced Class
Day 1222 Metering
220 ISO
226 Histogram
325 Exposure
Day 2207 Focus
327 White Balance
330 Lighting
304 Image Quality
344 EXIF Data
Day 3342 Dynamic Range
380 Composition
329 Flash
Day 4Live Shooting
332 Lenses and Filters
340 Photo Techniques