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Library Photography Display

During the month of March, photography work by members of the Newburgh Library Club and Digital World of Photography will be on display in the lobby of the Newburgh Library, 124 Grand St, Newburgh, NY. Visit the Events Page for more information and map. Our March Library meeting will be held at the library so the group will have a chance to view the artwork. Professional photography instructor and judge, Frank Dispensa, will be giving a critique of the work on display. This will be a very educational evening. All are encouraged to attend.

Important Change Notice

Our club has out-grown the space at the Newburgh Library Branch in the Newburgh Mall. From the March meeting forward, we will be meeting at the Library on Grand Street where there is more room.

Photography Book

Digital World of Photography has produced a book titled "A Photographer's Guide to the Mid-Hudson Valley. It is a work in progress meaning that a new version with updated information will be produced every year. It is our plan to use photos and information from club members. Find it on Amazon.

All proceeds of the book help to offset the expenses of running the club

Library Meetings

Digital World of Photography has partnered with the Newburgh Library Photo Club. We will be holding our meetings every third Wednesday of each month at the Newburgh Library Town Branch in the Newburgh Mall. DWP will be helping to conduct meetings for the library's photography club by bringing in guest speakers, doing photo critiques and giving short photography lessons. We will also be inviting the Newburgh Library Photography Club members to join DWP on their adventures around the Hudson Valley. Join us between 6pm and 7:30pm for photography related information at the library.

July 25, 2013
Park Hoppers

I've been searching the internet for interesting places to visit and found that although there are dozens upon dozens of state and local parks around the Hudson Valley I don't know if they would make a good trip for the group. So I thought that I should go out on Saturday mornings and explore them. I figured that if I am interested in exploring these parks then others in the group may also be interested. So I decided to make it part of the Digital World of Photography Experience. Hence the birth of "Park Hoppers". On Saturday morning we'll explore a different park at 8am. Getting it done early means that we'll all have the remainder of the day to do other things. If it looks promising we'll make it an official monthly meet-up. I'm not going to put these on the schedule so if you are interested please email me:

July 25, 2013
Storm Chasers

I always wanted to photograph lightning but the equipment needed costs about $100 - $200 just to take a few shots of lightning so I never bothered. However, now I have a way to put together a simple lightning trigger with a simple slave flash sensor and a flash sync cord adapted to a remote control cord. Everything can be purchased on Amazon for about $30.00. So the idea is to watch the weather forecast for a lightning storm. When there is a good chance for a storm we contact the "Storm Chasers" and run to a predetermined location with an EZ-Up canopy. We throw up the canopy quick, setup our equipment and wait for the show. [Coming Soon]

July 23, 2013
Meeting Place

With help from the core group of advisers we are still looking for a regular meeting place. We hope to have something scheduled soon because I have 3 speakers lined up to speak at the meetings including a professional photographer, a Photoshop master and a photography school teacher. We are looking into meeting at the Warwick Public Library or the Newburgh Library extension at the Newburgh Mall. We now have insurance for the group which will help us get into more places to photograph or meet.