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Joining gives you access to post on the bulletin board, allows you to participate in our monthly outings, gives you the opportunity to participate in our annual calendar and gets you on the email list. More perks are in the works. There is no fee to join. If you participate regularly in our events we ask that you help fund the program with a nominal $20.00 annual fee.

Why join? Because there is power in numbers. This works both ways. Not only do you get the benifits of club membership but it will help the club attract contributors. When the club asks for special treatment or discounts it is helpful when we can show our numbers. As our numbers grow it will be easier to get the attention of big businesses who may be in the position to offer perks for our club.

We do not make our membership list public. Instead, we can add a note at the bottom of our newsletter, website and bulletin board. This adds value to our site while at the same time gets exposure for a contributor.

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Members are encouraged to post information about their businesses, clubs, classes, events and photography opportunities. If you are getting married or have any other event to photograph and you need a photographer from the group to help you out then post that information here. Whether you want to pay an experienced photographer, pay a little less and acquire the services of an up and coming photographer or just want to give someone some practical experience at no charge you can find those people here. Make your requests clear.