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Our new bulletin board system allows all members to enter their own information into the bulletin board. Simply log into your account, under the Members dropdown menu click on Bulletin Board. Here you can edit, delete or add your own bulletins.
Feel free to announce your business, event or any interesting event the group may be interested in.

If you own your own photography related business or know of a good photography related business that group members may benifit from post it here. It should be related to Photography in some form.

If you give or know of any photography related classes, demonstations, lectures or training events, post them in the Classes category.

Post any Photography club information in this category.

If you are in need of a photographer for your event, party wedding or any thing else, post that information here to for photographers to contact you.

Are you a photographer for hire? If so, post your contact information in the Photographers category.

Do you know of any great places to photograph? Please share that information with the group by posting it under Places.