Digital World of Photography - Lessons, shows, meet ups, classes
About Us

Digital World of Photography has been evolving over the past few years. We have grown from a single class at Orange Ulster BOCES in Goshen, New York to a photography club with 4 different classes, monthly meet-ups, monthly meetings and more. Classes are still being taught by Jeff Montanye in Goshen. Jeff has been teaching Digital Photography classes at adult continuing education learning centers since 2004. We are now a full blown photography club meeting on location throughout the Hudson Valley around Orange county, New York. We have regular monthly meetings at the Newburgh Library Branch in the Newburgh mall. We meet the third Wednesday of each month.

Jeff Montanye has been a serious amateur photographer for the past 25 years. About eight years ago he began teaching a short digital photography class at the Orange-Ulster BOCES adult education program in Goshen. The class was primarily about operating a digital camera and has grown into four classes at different levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced and now Adobe Photoshop Elements. Since then we have added monthly excursions around Orange County, New York and the Hudson Valley. We exhibit our photography in art galleries around the Hudson Valley and participate in local town art walks. Many of our photographs have won ribbons in the local fairs.

Phone: 845-361-2029