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  1. Digital World of Photography April Newsletter
    Sent April 15th 2014

    Digital World of Photography NEWS LETTER April 2014 view newsletters online Past History We had a great time at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. Thank you all for coming out. It was a good experience. I visited the Rio Reservoir in March when we st...

  2. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent March 18th 2014

    Digital World of Photography NEWS LETTER Mid-March 2014 view newsletters online Past History Our Photo Show was a success. We had a great time meeting people and showing off our work. We didn't have a sign-in sheet this time so I don't know how many...

  3. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent March 8th 2014

    Digital World of Photography NEWS LETTER SUPPLEMENTAL March 2014 View online Winter The winter months can be challenging for finding good photos. Ice and snow are beautiful but you can take just so much ice and snow. The days are short and cold an...

  4. Digital World of Photography Last Newsletter
    Sent February 26th 2014

    Hello Photographers Apparently that last newsletter email that I sent out was viewable in Mozilla Fire Fox but not in Internet Explorer. I corrected the error but instead of mailing the entire message out again I am attaching a link so it can be viewed on...

  5. Digital World of Photography February Newsletter Supplemental
    Sent February 26th 2014

    Digital World of Photography NEWS LETTER UPDATEFebruary 2014 View online Eagles I am sorry that we missed the Eagles. Weather and other obligations got in the way. The Eagles are nesting this time of year so they will not be as abundant at the sight...

  6. Digital World of Photography Library Meeting
    Sent February 19th 2014

    Hello Photographers I just wanted to let everybody know that the library meeting is on tonight. Roger Gottlieb is not able to make it so I got Frank Dispensa to help fill in. Frank Dispensa is going to help me with a question and answer time and a photo c...

  7. Digital World of Photography Newsletter
    Sent February 2nd 2014

    Digital World of Photography NEWS LETTERFebruary 2014 View online Eagles on the Delaware Saturday February 15th, 10am This February we will be photographing Eagles on the Delaware River. We plan on arriving at 10am at the blind along route 97. The bes...

  8. Digital World of Photography Reminder
    Sent January 15th 2014

    This is just a quick reminder that the Newburgh Library Photography club will be meeting tonight at the Newburgh Mall. We will be discussing long exposure photography. Bring your camera to follow along if you wish. We start at 6pm. There is a handout on th...

  9. Digital World of Photography New in 2014
    Sent January 12th 2014

    Hello Everybody We have a few things we will be trying out in 2014. First, we now have a Flickr account for Digital World of Photography. Feel free to add any photos you have of the Hudson Valley, especially those taken on our club trips: http://www.flic...

  10. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent January 12th 2014

    Hello Everybody We just had our annual planning meeting and I am busy getting the 2014 schedule for Digital World of Photography schedule setup. There is a lot to enter into the websites so you may be receiving an unusual high number of emails from the cl...

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