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  1. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent September 17th 2014

    Just a reminder that tonight is the Newburgh Library Photography Club meeting. We will be discussing ISO. Also, remember that the Hudson Valley Photo Network is sponsoring an all-day seminar with nationally known photographer Bryan Peterson. Below is there...

  2. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent August 20th 2014

    Digital World of Photography Message The meetup tonight is at the Newburgh Mall Library Branch. The library branch is located in the Mall across from The Avenue (and the pretzel place) at the Bon Ton end of the mall. Next month we will be back in the mai...

  3. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent August 12th 2014

    I just received this message from Susan Santoro If you are interested please contact her. Hi and help I am in need of a photographer/s this sat or Sunday to do an outdoor shoot with my dancers from New York academy nof ballet and pok city ballet we are c...

  4. Digital World of Photography Bulletin Board
    Sent June 27th 2014

    Hello Digital World of Photography Members I just wanted to drop a quick note about an upgrade I just made to the website. I've added a Bulletin Board that members can post to. There are currently 6 categories: Businesses, Classes, Clubs, Events, Jobs and...

  5. Digital World of Photography Orange County Fair
    Sent June 24th 2014

    Hello everybody If you are interested in entering any of your work into the Orange County Fair, now is the time. Entry deadline is July 3rd. Entry forms for this Department must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 3, 2014 . 2.) Exhibits cannot be ...

  6. Digital World of Photography Library Meeting Tonight
    Sent June 18th 2014

    Hello Photographers I just wanted to remind everybody that tonight is the Newburgh Library Camera Club meeting. We will be learning about flash. We’ll be discussing the 6 problems with flash and how to correct them including flash range, mixed lighting, ...

  7. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent June 16th 2014

    Hello everyone I just have a few things to mention quick. By the time I get time to create this month's newsletter it will be too late. Wedding Job Request: I have another wedding job request. This one is a little more serious but still below the profes...

  8. Digital World of Photography Message
    Sent May 30th 2014

    Hello everybody. Don't forget that today at 1pm we will be having our closing reception at the Wallkill Town Hall on Tower Drive in Middletown. If anybody has photos of the Church windows in Montgomery please get them to me so I can pass them along. I will...

  9. Digital World of Photography Reminder
    Sent April 28th 2014

    *_Hudson_**_ Valley_**_ Photography Network_* *Presents.../** * ** *What: **A Full-day Seminar, Two Speakers & Hot Buffet Lunch $35.00* * * *Who:** *Rick Sammon* * * *Exploring the Light - *Sponsored by *CANON* * **http://www.ricksammon.com* *...

  10. Digital World of Photography May newsletter
    Sent April 28th 2014

    Digital World of Photography NEWS LETTER May 2014 view newsletters online Past History It was a beautiful day at the Stony Point Battlefield. It was the first weekend of the year they were open and they had all their recreations and reproductions ou...

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