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From: "Digital World of Photography" <info@digitalworldofphotography.com>
Subject: Digital World of Photography Message
Date: Thu Sep 18 11:56:02 2014

The meetup tonight is at the Newburgh Mall Library Branch. The library branch is located in the Mall across from The Avenue (and the pretzel place) at the Bon Ton end of the mall. Next month we will be back in the main library in Newburgh. We will be talking about automatic focus and all the different ways to use it. Automatic always sounds easier than manual but in this case there is a lot more to understand when using automatic focus. Manual focus is very simple but there is a bit of skill involved. Auto-focus takes no skill but a lot of memorization, button pushing and setting up. There is no outing scheduled this month. We were supposed to go to the Brotherhood Winery but I called them and he said that they will be too busy this time of year to give our group a tour of the wine cellar which is what we really want. So I am going to reschedule for February. So I haven't had time to plan an alternate location. I am swamped. I have not had any time to work on meet-ups and newsletters or update the website. And it is only going to get worse for me as September comes along. If anybody wants to run a meetup this Saturday go right ahead. I drove down to New Jersey to the Appalachian Trail off of route 517 below Pine Island where they built a board walk through the swamp. I was thinking that this would be a good place to bring the group this weekend. There are fields and grass and cattails, etc. Lots of birds if you get there in the early morning and you have a good telephoto lens. I uploaded some of the photos I took. It's a really nice walk but doesn't offer a ton of photo opportunities. If anybody is interested please let me know otherwise I will stay home and paint the front of my shop. See more photos in the album http://www.meetup.com/DigitalWorldofPhotography/photos/23970892/