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From: "Digital World of Photography" <info@digitalworldofphotography.com>
Subject: Digital World of Photography Message
Date: Thu Sep 18 11:56:22 2014

I just received this message from Susan Santoro

If you are interested please contact her.

Hi and help I am in need of a photographer/s this sat or Sunday to do an outdoor shoot with my dancers from New York academy nof ballet and pok city ballet we are collaborating with the Northern Dutchess orchestra and need a high resolution photo for their website and publicity my ballet dad who usually takes my photos is out of town would you have any members interested in taking pictures of long legged dancers we are doing something neo classical think Balanchine very interesting images are possible if you could help us out write back or give a call 845 802 3703 thanks so much Susan Santoro artistic director NYAB