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From: "Digital World of Photography" <jmontanye@earthlink.net>
Subject: Digital World of Photography Bulletin Board
Date: Wed Sep 17 23:12:42 2014

Hello Digital World of Photography Members

I just wanted to drop a quick note about an upgrade I just made to the website. I've added a Bulletin Board that members can post to. There are currently 6 categories: Businesses, Classes, Clubs, Events, Jobs and Photographers. Anybody can view the postings from the Bulletin Board tab on the main menu of the website. Members can post, edit and delete information after signing in and clicking on the Bulletin Board link in the Members drop-down tab. Now, instead of emailing me and hoping that I have time to post your notices, you can post them yourself. So, log in and try it out. From what I can tell it is working properly but I won't know for sure until people begin using it. Let me know if you find any glitches.

PS, if you do not have a member account, you can create one under the Membership tab.

Soon I will be adding the calendar uploading and voting program so we can get moving on the Digital World of Photography calendar.

Jeff Montanye