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From: "Digital World of Photography" <jmontanye@earthlink.net>
Subject: Digital World of Photography Message
Date: Thu Sep 18 07:51:08 2014

Hello everyone

I just have a few things to mention quick. By the time I get time to create this month's newsletter it will be too late.

Wedding Job Request:

I have another wedding job request. This one is a little more serious but still below the professional pay rate. We are looking for a "good" photographer who is looking for wedding photography experience. Date: Sunday August 10th at 4pm
Place: Kuhl's Highland House on Highland Avenue. The wedding starts at 4:00 but they want "getting ready photos" so you will need to be there before 4. Contact: Jeff Bratjan

You will need to show some examples of your work (not necessarily wedding photos) Provide digital files only, no wedding package or prints Pay ~$600
Need to know ASAP, this weekend the latest.

I am starting a Windows 8/8.1 class tonight at BOCES in Goshen. Cost is $99. The class is two days, this Monday and next Monday (June16 and 23) 6pm to 9pm. See the posting and registration link here: http://www.assistacomp.com/classes/index.php?class=1 If you don't have time to go through the registration just show up for the class. You can pay at the front desk.

Don't forget to bring your images of the Montgomery church to the meeting on Wednesday. They are anxious to see the work we did.

For now,

Jeff Montanye