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From: "Digital World of Photography" <jmontanye@earthlink.net>
Subject: Digital World of Photography Message
Date: Thu Sep 18 07:50:55 2014

Hello everybody.
Don't forget that today at 1pm we will be having our closing reception at the Wallkill Town Hall on Tower Drive in Middletown. If anybody has photos of the Church windows in Montgomery please get them to me so I can pass them along. I will be at the library for the June 18 meeting but if you can get them to me sooner that would be great. Also, I was contacted by Annie Zayas who will be getting married in Pine Bush on June 28th. She is looking for someone might like to practice photographing a wedding. She can't pay much and understands that anybody who would come out to do this for her will not be a professional. It is a good way to get some experience and practice if you want to start photographing weddings. Let me know if you are interested.

Jeff Montanye