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Digital World of Photography

Receive Digital World of Photography newsletters and information regarding meet-ups, trips, shows, contests and more. Stay connected with the photography group through email messages. This list is for those who want general information from Digital World of Photography to be forwarded to their email. This information will include special outings, monthly meet-ups, workshops, new classes, gallery shows, art walks, contests and any other information you may be interested in.

Last Message: Digital World of Photography Message

Just a reminder that tonight is the Newburgh Library Photography Club meeting. We will be discussing ISO. Also, remember that the Hudson Valley Photo Network is sponsoring an all-day seminar with nationally known photographer Bryan Peterson. Below is there...


Photography Class Information

Digital World of Photography Class Information email list. Receive class information specifically for the class you are currently enrolled in. If you are enrolled in any of the photography classes you should be subscribed to this email list. You can unsubscribe at the end of class.

Last Message: Photography Class Information Photography and Self Publishing Classes

For those of you taking the Beginner's Digital Photography class. I just want to remind you that tonight is the last class. We will be talking about downloading your photos to your computer and organizing them on the computer using the Windows operating sy...



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