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Location: Stony Kill Falls, Wawarsing, Ulster county
WaterfallWaterfalls and dam spillwaysWalkRequires excessive walkingWoodland TrailsWoodland TrailsDog friendlyDog frienldy, bring a leash

The walk to Stony Kill Falls is sort of odd. You go past a water treatment facility (complete with helipad, like any upscale water treatment facility should have) and through an old quarry, and then an unmarked trail sort of gets you close to the falls, but at that point you’re on your own. You’d have to try really, really hard to get lost here since you can just follow the stream, but with such a gorgeous waterfall to visit, I’m surprised there’s not a proper trail leading the way. The quasi-bushwhack does give the place a sort of wild feel, though, like you’re the first one to find this awesome, hidden place.

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