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Location: Cornish Mansion Ruins, Cold Spring, Putnam county
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If you like photographing old ruins this trip will take you to the Cornish Mansion ruins also known as “Northgate”. The mansion was built in 1917 by Sigmund Stern of Chicago, a diamond merchant and was later sold to Edward Joel Cornish, president of the National Lead Company, and his wife Selina Bliss Carter Cornish. There was the mansion, garage, swimming pool, gardens, pump house, greenhouse and cattle barn. Little is known about the mansion and its fate. After the couple died in 1938 the estate fell to ruin. Central Hudson Gas and Electric bought the property in 1963 with hopes of building a power storage system on Breakneck Ridge right across the river from Storm King Mountain where Consolidate Edison was proposing a similar structure. Both projects were abandoned after being rejected by local activists in an effort to maintain the natural beauty of the area. The property was purchased by Hudson Highlands State Park and is now open to the public for hiking. All that remains of the Cornish Estate are stone walls, foundations and chimneys. Some original photos of the place can be found on the internet.

Scheduled trips: Oct 19,2013,

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