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Location: Indian Brook Falls, Cold Spring, Putnam county
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Practice photographing waterfalls. Itís a very short walk along a trail which meanders through a stand of Maples along an old road lined with stonework which is now just a walking trail. This will be a beautiful scene in autumn. Wear appropriate shoes for walking along rocks and roots. The same parking area gives you access to Constitution Marsh Sanctuary which you might as well visit while you are there but be prepared for a bit of walking if you do both. The parking area is located on Indian Brook Road but donít look for this road to intersect with 9D near the falls. It goes under 9D. You have to go a couple miles down and catch the other end. Park in the parking area and walk up the road under the route 9D overpass to a metal gate with a trail beyond the gate. There is no parking along this road except in the designated parking area. After crossing a small stone bridge, bear left along the stream. The falls are just ahead. Sorry, the sign says no dogs allowed.

Scheduled trips: Oct 26,2013,

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