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Location: Great Swamp, Pawling, Dutchess county
WalkRequires excessive walkingMarsh LandMarsh LandBirdingArea great for bird watching

The Great Swamp offers many opportunites for receational opportunities in each of the four seasons. There are year-round opportunities to view nature, including many interesting and endangered species of plants, as well as resident and migratory animal life. Winter temperatures freeze the shallower waters of the Swamp, making hiking and cross country skiing a possibility. Spring brings birding opportunities as migratory birds return from their winter homes. Leaves return to the plants and trees, and the Spring-blooming plants give a hint of the bright colors that are to follow as warmer temperatures return. Summer activities include fishing and canoeing, and the chance to view the many plant species while in full bloom. Fall again brings special birding opportunites as many bird species migrate south to their winter homes. Many of the plant species change to spectacular Fall colors.

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