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Location: Seven Lakes Drive , Bear Mountain, Orange county
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As its name implies, Seven Lakes Drive passes by seven lakes located at various points along the road. From south to north, the lakes are Lake Sebago and Lake Kanawauke in the towns of Haverstraw and Tuxedo; Lake Skannatati and Lake Askoti in Tuxedo; Lake Tiorati in Tuxedo and Woodbury; Silver Mine Lake in Woodbury; and Queensboro Lake in Highlands.

The highway is not owned by a single entity; instead, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), the Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC), and the village of Sloatsburg all own different parts of the road. In Sloatsburg, Seven Lakes Drive is locally owned and maintained for 0.44 miles (0.71 km) from Waldron Terrace to a connector leading to Johnsontown Road. The 0.33-mile (0.53 km) segment leading west from Waldron Terrace to NY 17 is state-owned and maintained as NY 981G while the remainder of the route is owned by PIPC and maintained by NYSDOT as the 17.15-mile (27.60 km) NY 987E. Both designations are reference routes and are unsigned.

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