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Location: Orange County Arboretum, Montgomery, Orange county
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The Arboretum is located in the County’s Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Hamptonburgh and is most easily accessed from the Grove St. park entrance off of State Route 416. There is a motion activated gate to enter the site in a vehicle, as well as a latched pedestrian entrance. The gardens are open to the public free of charge from dawn to dusk year round. The 35-acre facility is a natural site for the organized display of trees, shrubs and plants. Additionally, there are magnificent raised gardens and cascading water features. The Arboretum's many pathways connecting the gardens and the numerous teak benches throughout make this facility an ideal spot to take a walk or just sit and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the setting.

Scheduled trips: Dec 08,2012, Dec 15,2013,

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