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Location: Black Rock Forest, Cornwall, Orange county
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Black Rock Forest has served as a field station for scientific research and education for more than seven decades. The forest was originally set aside in 1918 by Dr. Ernest Stillman for experimentation in forest management and for demonstration of forestry methods. The forest is now administered by the Black Rock Forest Consortium, a group of public and private educational and research institutions whose mission is to promote scientific research and excellence in education while carefully managing the ecosystem of the forest. Several scientific studies are in progress at any given time, and thousands of students visit the forest each year for a variety of educational programs. Less than a mile into the Forest, the Science Center, Forest Lodge, and Pavilion enjoy spectacular views; all use green building techniques and serve as models for sustainable design principles and technologies, with award-winning environmental features. They are open to the public, but no exhibits are provided. Despite this primary educational emphasis, the Consortium is dedicated to keeping Black Rock Forest open to the public for recreational pursuits such as hiking.

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