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Location: Manitou Point Preserve, Garrison, Putnam county
RiverViews of the Hudson or other riversDog friendlyDog frienldy, bring a leashWalkRequires excessive walkingHikeHike: steep climbs, rough terrain and/or long distancesBirdingArea great for bird watchingMarsh LandMarsh Land

This rocky promontory originally was called Mystery Point, for reasons obscured in history. You don't need to be a detective to uncover the preserve's myriad treasures.

From there, you can pick up hiking trails to explore more of the preserve's scenic and ecological wonders. These include Manitou Marsh, an important nursery for striped bass, and Copper Mine Brook, which features several small, picturesque cascades. But the most exciting trek hugs the Hudson shoreline atop dramatic rock outcroppings, affording with each step an ever-changing but always magnificent perspective of the river.

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