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Location: Franny Reese Sate Park, Highland, Ulster county
WalkRequires excessive walkingRuinsOld foundations / ruins / lost historyBridgeViews of or from bridges, vehicle, train trestles, pedestrianWoodland TrailsWoodland TrailsDog friendlyDog frienldy, bring a leash

1 mile walk (1/2 mile each way) to great views of the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Parking is limited but if you don't mind a steep climb it's a shorter walk from Johnson-Iorio Memorial Park with more parking. Trail maps with parking locations can be found on their website. Click the link below. Dogs are permitted.

Cedar Glen was a victorian mansion built in 1868 by Dr. Charles H. Roberts. Roberts held a doctorates in dentistry and invented an anesthetic and false teeth made from porcelain which earned him enough money to invest in the railroad during the mid 1800's. In the early 1900's around the time of his death, there was turmoil between his children as they fought for control over his estate. Apparently things didn't go well and the estate was abandoned when the main access road was cut off with the construction of the mid-Hudson bridge. Slowly the estate fell to ruins and forgotten about as nature reclaimed the land. Remains of the mansion and other buildings can be seen from the trails that run through the park. Much of the land and buildings were destroyed as the land was developed into new homes but further development was stopped and the remaining land purchased by the Scenic Hudson Park Service. The park is named after Frances "Franny" Reese who was renowned for leading the battle against Consolidated Edison's (ConEd) 1963 plan to build a hydroelectric pump storage facility into the side of Storm King Mountain. Her efforts were triumphant and the facility that would have destroyed much of the hiking area we enjoy today was never built.

Scheduled trips: Aug 31,2013,

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