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Location: Camp Bluefields (Tweed Tunnels), Blauvelt, Rockland county
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Down toward the bottom of Rockland County somewhere near Nyack is Blauvelt State Park. Itís mainly just woodland and the Long Path cuts right through it. The park is rather uninteresting with one exception, Camp Bluefields, an abandoned training academy and rifle range for the Nation Guard. It was built in 1910 but abandoned by the end of world war I. There are at least three above ground tunnels or partially buried tunnels that run across the grounds where soldiers could safely walk between rifle ranges. Now, covered with toppled trees and overgrown with vines and other forest growth, the tunnels are still accessible through open doors on each end. One tunnel is partially collapsed at one end and we had to exit through a small hole in the ceiling. We found three tunnels to explore and all were several hundred feet long. The place doesnít offer grand photo opportunities, it is completely covered with spray painted messages but there is an adventure here if you dare enter the tunnels. Be forewarned, the tunnels are home to hundreds of thousands of giant wolf spiders and cave crickets. A lot more crickets than spiders. Pretty much, all the spiders we saw had a leg span of 2 inches. They probably have no predators in these tunnels thus can grow quite large. The biggest Iíve ever seen. The cave crickets often drop down on you when disturbed as you walk under them. Not a great feeling. We saw many clusters with hundreds of crickets huddled together. We explored every tunnel. There was no water inside but some photos Iíve seen on the internet showed water so go when it is dry. Bring a flashlight. You will need it.

The best way to get to Camp Bluefields is to park in the parking lot on Clausland Mountain Road (Route 28) near Tackamac North Park. Follow the Long Path North. Youíll run right into it within a mile walking.

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