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Location: Bennett Junior College Halcyon Hall, Millbrook, Dutchess county
RuinsOld foundations / ruins / lost historyWineryVisitors are not welcome or need to make special arrangements. May be unsafe, keep your distance.

This school was originally constructed in 1890 as Halcyon Hall - a luxury hotel constructed of wood and stone dreamed up by publisher H.J. Davison Jr. Filled with books and curios from around the world, the hotel was a retreat that featured beautiful carved wooden pillars, balconies, and small niches to steal a quick read or nap. The building had been designed in the elaborate Victorian Queen Anne style by James E. Ware, and consisted of 200 rooms in 5 stories, plus a basement and sub-basement. Despite the grandeur, Halcyon Hall failed to catch the popularity it had hoped for. It closed in 1901 and has fallen to ruins. The town has been trying to get it torn down. Makes a great Halloween photo.

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