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Location: Foundry Dock Park, Cold Spring, Putnam county
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It's hard to believe this riverfront oasis a perfect spot to marvel at the Hudson Highlands was the busy loading dock of the West Point Foundry. Located just southeast of here, the foundry was established in 1818 to produce artillery for the U.S. government. During the Civil War, it manufactured Parrott guns, cannons whose accuracy is credited for the North's victory. Until its 1911 closure, the foundry also produced some of America's first locomotives, steamships and pipes for New York City's water system. Finished goods were transported by rail to a pier stretching into the river off Foundry Dock Park (you can see a portion of its remains at low tide) and then shipped worldwide. Park visitors can view a simulation of the foundry's rail line and enjoy wildlife attracted to a variety of native plants. For paddlers, this is a great place to begin excursions into Foundry Cove and Audubon New York's Constitution Marsh Sanctuary, a haven for waterfowl and migratory birds. History buffs shouldn't miss the picturesque 1833 Chapel of Our Lady next to the park, built for foundry workers. The remains of foundry buildings, located in Scenic Hudson's West Point Foundry Preserve (currently closed for construction), also are a short walk away.

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