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Location: Huckleberry Ridge State Park, Port Jervis, Orange county
HikeHike: steep climbs, rough terrain and/or long distancesScenic viewScenic views from trails or roadsWoodland TrailsWoodland Trails

The two trails, Minisink and Lenape Ridge, make a great 5-mile loop. The Lenape Ridge Trail is a white blaze trail that starts on Minisink Avenue. It is easy to find, look at the google map link posted here and the map on the website link here. You have to park a little ways down the road, turn onto Lim Kiln Road and youíll see a small parking area on the right. The map says there is parking up the small dead-end road here but I didnít drive up to look. Walk back up Minisink Avenue and the white blazed trail is on your right. A short walk up the trail youíll see the red blazed Minisink Trail on the left. You can take this trail or stay on the white trail. They meet again a couple miles up the ridge. This is a great hike that keeps you right on the knife edge of the ridge for most of the hike. There are great views along the way.

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Jeff Montanye => A great hike but a questionable neighborhood when the local church has a gate across it`s entrance. When we got back to the car there were police vehicles all around it. Apparently there was a robbery nearby and they were checking out my car. A fun hike though!
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