Digital Photography Classes, Hudson Valley, Goshen, NY
March 2014
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The winter months can be challenging for finding good photos. Ice and snow are beautiful but you can take just so much ice and snow. The days are short and cold and we are driven indoors. Now you have to become creative. I like to find objects around the house and think of unique ways to photograph them.

The shot below of the dice falling was taken at 1/5 of a second with flash turned on. A bright LED flashlight was used to eluminate the dice for the ambient exposure.

Even something as simple as an apple can be fun to photograph on a cold winter day while staying warm indoors.

Newburgh Library Photo Show

Newburgh Free Library and Digital World of Photography present the Hudson Valley in photographs. A collection of photography from 14 local artists who are members of Digital World of Photography and the Newburgh Library Camera Club will be on display in the lobby of the Newburgh Free Library between March 1st and March 19th. Meet the artists Saturday, March 15th from 3 to 5pm. Come, be inspired and learn a little something about photographing the beautiful Hudson Valley and how to join a photography club.

Those who are displaying photographs are encouraged to bring a snack to put out for visitors as well as business cards or flyers. We cannot sell our work at the library but we can give out our information.

Participating artists include:

  • Jody Aliberto
  • Wilma Amthor
  • Robert Browning
  • Marie Cavicchio
  • Jeanine Glendening
  • Eric Goins
  • Thomas Knieser
  • Jeff Montanye
  • Mary Elliott O'Haire
  • Manuel Piquero
  • Mark Rosengarten
  • Donald Schwartz
  • Ron Weathers
  • Mark Woods

We will be taking the photos down after our March meeting on March 19th or any time between March 19th and March 22nd if you can't make the meeting.

Library Meeting
Using Photoshop Elements

Wednesday, March 19th, 6pm - 7:30pm.
Photographer and Photoshop Master Roger Gottlieb will be talking about editing your photographs in Photoshop Elements. We'll learn a lot about using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to enhance our photographs.
Sign-up on Photoshop Techniques.

March Meetup
Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Sunday, March 23rd, 10am.

We had to move the mining museum trip to Sunday. We only had 9 people signed up to go so I waited until the last minute to call and book the trip only to find that the day had already been booked for another group. So I had to move it to Sunday. I hope everybody can still make it. We need 10 people to be able to tour the mine at our own pace with our cameras and tripods.

Sterling Hill Mine was suggested as a photo trip by some of our members. The mine is an interesting place to take photographs of phosphorous rocks under UV light. We need at least 10 people to go into the mine as our own group with tripods. The mine is in New Jersey but not far. Visit their website for more information. A tripod is a must if you want to take photographs under the UV light. A remote control will also be helpful but you can use the 2 second self-timer. For more information and to sign up visit: Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

Professional Photo Competition Observation
Frank Dispensa has invited us to attend the Dutchess Regional Professional Photographers print competition at the Fishkill Ramada Inn. I noticed that not many people have signed up for this event yet. We will be observing the competition, not entering our work. We can learn a lot about photography just by watching professional judges at work. Normally there is a $15.00 fee to attend but because we are Frank's guests, there will be no charge. The date is Thursday, April 10th at 7:30pm. You can sign up on DRPP Print Competition.

Photography Classes
Spring classes will be starting in April at Orange-Ulster BOCES in Goshen. There will be a beginners, intermediate and advanced photography class as well as a Photoshop Elements class. For more information visit the website: Assistacomp.

Digital World of Photography is now on Flickr. Don't forget to visit our Flickr account for Digital World of Photography. Feel free to post your photos. Digital World of Photography on Flickr.

Fund Raiser
As you know, I am doing my best to keep the club free for everybody by utilizing fund raisers. I am selecting options that both bring value to our members as well as fund the club. This month I found Viridian, one of those companies that you can choose to purchase your electric from. Viridian gets much of their electric from green energy sources such as solar and wind. If you'd like to help the environment, possibly save some cost on your electric bill and help fund Digital World of Photography then sign up here: Viridian/JMontanye. There is no fee to sign up and you can cancel at any time with no cancelation fee. There is also the option to lock in your rates for 6 months to a year. You have to purchase electric from someone. Why not try this one out and help support the group?

Start Your Own Photo Club
Digital World of Photography is growing. We may need to over-flow to another library. If you are interested in starting a photography club at your local library and would like to be part of Digital World of Photography, it's presenters, resources and outings, please contact me. You can start your own local chapter of Digital World of Photography. All you need are three volunteers and a heart for photography.