Digital Photography Classes, Hudson Valley, Goshen, NY
February 2014
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Last Month!
We had a great time in Beacon last month. About 7 of us walked down Historic Main Street with our cameras and tripods taking night photos of the street. Some of us came early and photographed the ice on the Hudson River. It was cold be we still had a lot of fun. Bad weather threatened our outing but there was no snow at all in Beacon. Take a look at some of our photos:

Eagles on the Delaware
Saturday February 15th, 10am
This February we will be photographing Eagles on the Delaware River. We plan on arriving at 10am at the blind along route 97. The best time to see the birds is in the morning or afternoon. I'm hoping that 10am will not be too late. If we do not see any Eagles on the Delaware it is a short ride to another blind at Mongaup Reservoir on Forestburgh Road. A telephoto lens is best but I'm sure there will be something interesting for those of us who do not own a high power lens. Sign-up on Delaware Eagle Watch.

Library Meeting
Using Photoshop Elements

Wednesday, February 19th, 6pm - 7:30pm.
Photographer and Photoshop Master Roger Gottlieb will be talking about editing your photographs in Photoshop Elements. We'll learn a lot about using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to enhance our photographs.
Sign-up on Photoshop Techniques.

Newburgh Library Photo Show
The following people have entered work into the Newburgh Library Photo show in March:

Michael SmirnoffWorld Trade Center28x10 
Ming-Kong 3+/-  
Mark RosengartenWinter Scenes2  
Jeff MontanyeHudson Valley3+/-16x2011x14
Jeff MontanyeHudson Valley3+/-28x2216x20
Manny Piquero 411x148x10

If you are interested in displaying your work please contact me so I can place your name on the list. We have room for about 80 photographs. We will hang our work on Saturday, March 1st 11am to 1pm.

National Park Service Community Photography Workshop
at the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park
Saturday, February 22, 2014, 10am to 1pm.
The National Park Service is holding a community photography workshop at the Henry A. Wallace Visitor and Education Center on the grounds of the Roosevelt Mansion in Hyde Park.

There will be two presenters:

Photographer Xiomaro who will be presenting "Learning To Look".

Help improve your photography with five elements used by fine art visual artists, find out how to create photographic images unique to you.

Digital World of Photography's Jeff Montanye will be presenting "Back to Basics" Will modern technology make me a better photographer?
Sign-up on FDR Home.

Don't forget to visit our Flickr account for Digital World of Photography. Feel free to post your photos. Digital World of Photography on Flickr.

Photography Classes
Winter classes are currently being held at Orange-Ulster BOCES in Goshen. The Advanced Digital Photography class will start next week, February 11, 13, 18, and 20 from 6pm to 9pm. Photoshop Elements starts on February 25th. For more information visit the website: Assistacomp.

Fund Raiser
As you know, I am doing my best to keep the club free for everybody by utilizing fund raisers. I am selecting options that both bring value to our members as well as fund the club. This month I found Viridian, one of those companies that you can choose to purchase your electric from. Viridian gets much of their electric from green energy sources such as solar and wind. If you'd like to help the environment, possibly save some cost on your electric bill and help fund Digital World of Photography then sign up here: Viridian/Jeff Montanye. There is no fee to sign up and you can cancel at any time with no cancelation fee. There is also the option to lock in your rates for 6 months to a year. You have to purchase electric from someone. Why not try this one out and help support the group?

Start Your Own Photo Club
Digital World of Photography is growing. We may need to over-flow to another library. If you are interested in starting a photography club at your local library and would like to be part of Digital World of Photography, it's presenters, resources and outings, please contact me. You can start your own local chapter of Digital World of Photography. All you need are three volunteers and a heart for photography.