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Intermediate Digital Photography
This is a class for those who are ready to come out of automatic mode and go beyond using the preset scenes. If you know how to use the menus and download pictures to your computer and want to explore the advanced features of Program mode then you are ready for Intermediate instruction. Your camera should have a program (P) mode with advanced settings to take this class. You will learn how to create beautifully blurred backgrounds and sharp landscapes with shutter speed and aperture. We’ll help you understand white balance to create warm photos with proper color. Learn how to use focus points to pinpoint your subject so it pops out of your picture. Your flash pictures will impress everybody after learning proper flash adjustments. Also covered is drive mode, histogram, metering and picture styles. Our slow-sync photography techniques will provide you with hours of fun experimenting with your camera.

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May 05, 2015
May 07, 2015
May 12, 2015
May 14, 2015
6pm - 9pm

Orange-Ulster BOCES, Goshen, New York, C-Tech building



Phone: 845-781-6715
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Tues, Thurs
Sep 24, 2015
Sep 29, 2015
Oct 01, 2015
Oct 06, 2015
6pm - 9pm

Orange-Ulster BOCES, Goshen, New York, C-Tech building



Phone: 845-781-6715